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GTE-20 Laboratory extruder

 20mm (parallel co-rotating)twin screw extruder and extrusion line for laboratory


1.  Applications:

  --New product deceloment.

  --New process test.

  --Teaching demonstration in university.


2. Features and advantages:

  --High level configuration, reliable quality, stable function, leading technology.

  --Gearbox is Made in China with imported bearings, longtime quality guarantee.

  --Barrels, screw components and key parts are made by CNC machine tool, quality controlled and guarateed.

  --Electric controlling components are famous brands with high-end display panels, or PLC controlling systems.


3. Main parameters:

  --Type: GTE-20

  --Diameter of screw: 20.mm, Rotating speed: 0~600rpm

  --Motor power: 4kw, with frequency converter control


  --Pelletizing method: water cooling strands